I WILL GIVE BRAINLY AS USUAL:Given that measure of angle 6 is 1/8 of measure of angle 4. Find the measures of these two angles if a∥b . Fill in the blanks I WILL GIVE BRAINLY AS USUALStatement Reason 1. a∥b Given2. m∠6= 1 8 m∠______ Given 3. m∠6+m∠4 =________ __________________________ 4. m∠6+8m∠_______ = 180° Substitution6. m∠6 =____, m∠4=_____ Algebra

Accepted Solution

Answer:m∠4=160°m∠6=20°Step-by-step explanation:see the attached figure to better understand the problemwe know thatm∠6+m∠4=180° ----> equation A (by consecutive interior angles)m∠6=(1/8)m∠4 ---> equation Bsubstitute equation B in equation A(1/8)m∠4+m∠4=180°Solve for m∠4(9/8)m∠4=180°m∠4=180°(8)/9m∠4=160°Find the measure of m∠6m∠6=(1/8)m∠4m∠6=(1/8)(160°)=20°